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Bubbles for your sweet tooth


It’s a little bit sweet, and we’re not mad at that. Actually, a hint of sweetness is the perfect thing to offset the tart acidity of Celebrate With Sparkle, made in a demi-sec (read: semi-sweet) style. With delicate bubbles, lively acidity, and a bouquet of caramel apple, pear, and brioche, this glass of bubbly should be saved for entrees with a little bit of heat and desserts with a savory/sweet balance. You can thank us later.


Celebrate like you’re in France


The story of sparkling wine brings us to France, where Celebrate With Sparkle was made with a longstanding respect for tradition. The age-old discovery that wine could contain bubbles happened here, can you believe it was by accident? If you’ve ever wondered why sparkling wine from France tastes so unique, the answer lies in the chalky, limestone soils. Many vineyards are planted to ancient marine fossil beds! These unique soil types give the finishing wine distinct minerality and crisp acidity that make it so much fun to drink.


How to pair Celebrate With Sparkle


The sweet element in this glass of bubbly gives you an edge when pairing it with food. Not only will Celebrate With Sparkle hold up to spicy foods, it will add a new element to your favorite sweet and savory desserts. We love it with calabrese flatbread or jerk salmon for dinner. And for dessert, go for dishes like bacon-chip blondies or olive oil cake.

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