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Bubbles for breakfast anyone?


What is it about sparkling wine with a dash of fruit that just hits different before noon? It’s better than an alarm, especially because you know what’s to follow is a delicious meal and probably a long nap. That’s why we made Celebrate With Sparkle, a French sparkling wine with natural grapefruit flavoring in honor of those moments when the fun isn’t quite over. This wine is perfect for washing down your ideal brunch, accentuating all the saltiness we know you’ve got on your plate. Go ahead, you deserve it.


Look for a bright lemon pith, tart grapefruit, and a light, creamy mouthfeel.


French wine lovers only


The story of sparkling wine brings us to France, where Celebrate With Sparkle was made with a longstanding respect for tradition. The age-old discovery that wine could contain bubbles happened here, can you believe it was by accident? If you’ve ever wondered why sparkling wine from France tastes so unique, the answer lies in the chalky, limestone soils. Many vineyards are planted to ancient marine fossil beds! These unique soil types give the finishing wine distinct minerality and crisp acidity that make it so much fun to drink.


Pick the right food and you’ll be in heaven


Celebrate With Sparkle is made with natural grapefruit flavors, and it will go so well with salty foods, sweet elements, and even warming spices. Try it with apple cinnamon crepes, grits, bacon, or French toast. Don’t forget the maple syrup!

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